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Licensed Psychologist in Central Florida Offering Child Custody Evaluations & Other Psychological Services

At Brighter Day Psychological Services, we offer psychological and vocational services from our Orlando location in Central Florida.

Our certified clinicians and licensed psychologists specialize in servicing each of our clients' needs by offering an array of psychological assessments that help individuals navigate their lives with regard to education, employment, and life in general.

Brighter Day Psychological Services provides psychological and assessment services to children and adults with regard to various learning disabilities and/or neurological disorders. Among these available services, in part, are -

  • Mental Health Counseling –developing effective interventions that solve family or individual issues.

  • Career Counseling.

  • Personality Testing – testing that measures characteristic personality traits among various situations.

  • Competency Decision-Making Evaluations.

  • Child Custody Evaluation.

  • Gifted Testing.

  • Attention Deficit Evaluation for Adults or Children - including ADHD – Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder.

  • Testing for accommodations in education settings.

  • Learning Disability Evaluation.

  • Cognitive Evaluations – including dementia, among others.


Brighter Day offers, through its HIPAA-sanctioned digital telehealth platform, virtual psychological and vocations services for those individuals located within the state of Florida. Our psychological professionals also provide consultation services to a variety of businesses, the local judicial circuit, and other government agencies located throughout Florida.

We also offer extensive vocational services in the Central Florida corridor. To this end, Brighter Day has partnered with Florida's Vocational Rehabilitation Division – a governmental agency dedicated to assisting those with disabilities who wish to enter the workforce as qualified employees.

If you would like to speak with one of the Certified Vocational Evaluators or Licensed School Psychologists at Brighter Day Psychological Services, we can be reached at 407-698-5311 or

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