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Vocational Evaluation and Career Counseling Services Available in Central Florida, and Online

At Brighter Day Psychological Services, we are specialists in the areas of career counseling and vocational evaluation services. The objective of vocation testing is to determine an individual's employability – in the present and future.

Vocational testing is quite helpful to many, especially to:

  • Teenagers

  • Young adults, and

  • Anyone envisioning a change in careers during their mid-life.


Vocation evaluations and assessments help demonstrate which occupations would be the right fit for a specific person based on the individual's abilities, interests, and personality.

As professional career counselors, our licensed psychologists offer counseling sessions that help clients make important career decisions that define their future careers and life. If you seek the tools and knowledge required to make these essential life decisions, send us a quick note via email or call us at 407-698-5311.

We offer a comprehensive vocational evaluation which covers a variety of important issues and relevant points with regard to a client's –

  • Occupational Interests.

  • General Intelligence.

  • Job Skills.

  • Work Values

  • Physical Abilities & Strengths.

  • Overall Temperament.

  • Coordination and Dexterity.

  • Worker Traits.

  • Aptitudes Relevant to a Specific Position or Job.


At Brighter Day Psychological Services, our vocational and career counseling services are available in the Orlando metro area and online to those living in the Sunshine state through our digital HIPAA-compliant, telehealth digital platform HIPAA compliant.

Individuals or businesses interested in Brighter Day's licensed psychologists' consultation services can reach us by phone or email. Our phone number in Orlando, Florida, is 407-698-5311. If it is your preference to contact us online, please contact us at

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