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This evaluation entails the assessment of a client’s history of addictive behaviors other than those related to alcohol and controlled substances. This bariatric evaluation also includes an assessment of the client’s readiness for changing these behaviors, basic intellectual functioning, emotional functioning, and personality.​

Psychological Evaluation Services

What Does the Evaluation Involve?
The Evaluation Consists Of Three Parts:

  1. The individual will meet with the psychologist for a clinical interview that focuses on behavior, psychiatric symptoms, and understanding of the surgery that usually lasts 45 minutes. In highly complex cases, a second interview may need to be scheduled. 

  2. The second part of the evaluation entails the completion of personality, mood, and cognitive assessments. These tests are designed to learn as much about a patient as possible (attitudes, behaviors, emotions) quickly. The information from the interview is then combined with the information from the tests, and a report is written. 

  3. The third part of the assessment process is a follow-up meeting. This typically occurs one week after the completion of your evaluation. During the follow-up meeting, you will be provided with the results of the evaluation, including any clinical recommendations. This feedback session usually lasts 25 minutes.  After the follow-up meeting, the report is sent to your physician within 7-10 business days.


-Your insurance company requires it
-Your surgeon requires it.
-To learn more about your own unique triggers and challenges to eating, reasons for your habits, barriers that prevent you from staying on track, and come up with the best plan to help get you on your way for post-surgical success.
-You want to discuss the impact (psychological, behavioral, relationship, etc.) that surgery may have on you.
-To have an ally on your side to better prepare you for surgery.

The evaluation can help you to better understand how to be successful in your behavior change both short and long term. It can also help you to learn about your coping patterns and habits. Please call us to schedule an appointment.

Pre-surgical Bariatric Evaluation: Projects
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