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Psychological Testing and Consulting Services by Licensed School Psychologists.

At Brighter Day Psychological Services, we offer comprehensive psychological testing and consulting services that are most often used to obtain a more comprehensive understanding of –

  • A child, young adult, exhibiting academic, social and behavioral issues, or,

  • An adult who struggles to maintain healthy professional/personal relationships because of an unchecked/undiagnosed anger issue.


More specifically, psychological testing (which is sometimes referred to as psychometrics) includes a number of assessments and tools that help our licensed psychologists and certified counselors measure and quantify problematic symptoms – which then allows them to accurately diagnose the causes of the symptoms and treat the underlying condition(s).

Psychological testing utilizes these assessments, tests, and processes that help evaluate an individual's psychological functioning across three broad subspecialty areas –

  • Psychological Assessments.

  • Neuropsychological Assessments – the most specialized assessment.

  • Psychoeducational Assessments.


Our licensed psychologists hold advanced degrees in both test administration and test results interpretation.

At Brighter Day Psychological Services, our licensed psychologists offer counseling services in and around the Orlando metro area, as well as online to those residing in Florida through the use of our digital HIPAA-compliant, tele-health digital platform.

If you are an individual or a business that is interested in Brighter Day's psychological testing and consulting, please reach out to us by phone (407-698-5311), or by email, at

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