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Brighter Day Psychological Services

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Our team at Brighter Day Psychological Services are experts in working with children, adolescents, and adults to deliver psychological and vocational assessment services. Psychological testing involves a battery of assessment tools that are tailored to the individual’s expressed concerns.  These assessments can include a variety of personality profiles, symptom inventories, and behavioral reports. The goal of testing is to obtain data from a wide selection of sources, which provides a comprehensive representation of the individual’s psychological status.


The comprehensive review of specific work characteristics, including but not limited to occupational interests, specific job skills, worker traits, general intelligence, temperaments, physical capacities, strength, and other work-related functions and aptitudes. Vocational testing can be particularly useful for adolescents, young adults, and persons contemplating a mid-life career change. These assessments help determine which occupations best fit with an individual's abilities, interests, and personality.


Career counseling to help you make the necessary vocational decisions now, and to provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to make future career and life decisions.


Bariatric surgery offers patients the opportunity to reach their weight loss goal that can be maintained over time; however, bariatric surgery has inherent risks. The individuals undergoing the process must make long-term behavioral changes to maintain success. As a result, as part of the bariatric surgery process, most insurance companies require a psychological evaluation in order to determine their appropriateness for surgery.


Psychological Evaluations for immigration purposes are a psychological evaluation that is used to help immigration courts determine whether an individual will be able to remain lawfully in the United States. The immigration evaluation includes in-depth interviews and assessments that occur over the course of 2 to 3 meetings.

About Us

Brighter Psychological Services provides a wide variety of psychological testing and assessments for both children and adults. Our psychological testing services are centered around neurological disorders such as learning disabilities, attention disorders such as ADHD (children and adults), personality testing, gifted testing, competency decision-making evaluations, dementia & cognitive evaluation,  and testing for those seeking college/educational accommodations. We also provide vocational evaluations to the community and to agencies in the Central Florida area. We are partners with the Florida Division of Vocational Rehabilitation.

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